EU Calendar – European electric vehicle congress

Posted on October 24, 2011


European electric vehicle congress

One of the pillars of the European Commission’s policy to lower greenhouse gas emissions from transport and to reduce oil dependency is the strategy on alternative motor fuels to substitute 20% of the fossil fuel by 2020. In this framework, battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles will play an important role.

Exchange of views between scientists is required to ensure progress and foster synergies in the field. Discussions between scientists, industry and authorities are also needed to make sure that respective needs and constraints from each group are well understood and that the most appropriate products are selected for market introduction.

A conference, gathering the different actors, from industry, research institutes, NGO’s and public authorities, would therefore be very helpful to develop a roadmap for sustainable urban mobility technology.

Briefly said, the conference aims at being a global platform to foster exchange of views between the researchers, the industry, the authorities and the NGO’s in the field.

Commissioners Geoghegan-Quinn and Kroes as well as representatives of the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions have been invited as speakers

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