Charging scheme rollout ‘will boost popularity of electric vehicles

Posted on October 19, 2011


Rolling out pay-as-you-go electric vehicle charging schemes is the key to getting consumers to switch to green transport, a leading organisation has claimed.

Manufacturer Elektromotive has welcomed the announcement that a privately-funded charging network will be rolled out across Britain over the next year.

It has predicted that the introduction of 4,000 charging points across British town will see consumer confidence grow in this method of transport.

Calvey Taylor-Haw, managing director of Elektromotive, said that this announcement is a positive step towards a greener future.

He explained: “If the automotive industry is to convince motorists of the viability of electric vehicles as everyday transport, privately operated schemes such as this will be essential both now and in the longer term.”

Alistair Rhead, electric vehicle manager at the UK division of Mitsubishi, recently highlighted the cost effectiveness of green cars as a feature that is likely to drive their uptake among UK motorists.

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