Car Charging Group Files Patents for Inductive Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Posted on October 17, 2011


Car Charging Group Files Patents for Inductive Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Car Charging Group, a supplier of charging services for electric vehicles, declared that it has submitted two separate patent applications for inductive wireless charging for electric vehicles.

Electric car charging station. Credit: Car Charging Group

The first patent is for an inductive charging facility in the shape of a parking bumper, which will enable charging of electric vehicles in garages and parking lots. The second patent is for a wireless charging facility provided underground that will charge the electric vehicles while driving. Both the applied patents will introduce a process that will enable the electric vehicle drivers to charge their vehicles and make payment wirelessly by utilizing a seamless automatic transaction facility.

According to Michael D. Farkas, Car Charging Group’s CEO, the two patented technologies will transform the use of electric vehicles and the EV charging business. The first type of facility is made to resemble and function like a parking bumper and will charge the EV without the need of a wired connection when the car tires fall in line with the parking bumper. The EV owners need not plug in their vehicles with any external connectivity or make interactions with the facility for making the payment, instead automatic and wireless billing and payment is made possible. The facility will commence charging of the EV automatically as soon as it is parked at the parking lot.

Farkas clarified that the second technology will be commercialized later due to the high level of investment required for placing the inductive wireless charging facility below the ground level. He added that the introduction of such user- friendly facilities will facilitate large scale acceptance of electric vehicles.

via Car Charging Group


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